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Why haven’t I received any confirmation emails or shipping updates?

When you subscribe, create a NameNecklace account, pay an order successfully, or get the order shipped, an email will be sent to you. 

No confirmation emails.

  1. If you haven't received any email updates about your order, it's likely your email address may have been entered incorrectly or blocked by spam filters. Please check your spam filters or check your junk mailbox and make sure to add NameNecklace to your safe list. Please use your primary email to ensure you receive timely updates. 
  2. If you didn't receive an order confirmation, don't place your order again until you're sure the order didn't go through or you may end up with a duplicate order. First, check the Track Order to see if your order exists.  
  3. If you aren't able to locate your order through the Track My Order page, contact our Customer Care with the name and email address that  was used to place the order, so that we can locate the order for you.

No shipping updates

If you haven't received your shipping confirmation,  your order may not have been shipped yet. To check your order's most updated status, please Track Order to learn more about processing and shipping time. It's possible that your order was shipped and the notification wasn't sent due to a technical error or a late update on the  tracking system. If it's past the processing time and your order should have already shipped and you haven't received the shipping confirmation, contact our Customer Care to confirm the ship date for your order.

How to Track My Order?

To get the most recent updated status for your order,  please Track My Order in the top left corner of mobile web browsing, or in the top right corner of desktop browsing.

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